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Welcome to Arcadie-Pattaya

At Arcadie-Pattaya, you will be greeted in your own language (we speak French, English, German, and of course Thai) by Yan and Ton, a Gay Franco Thai couple who will be glad to advise you and guide you the whole length of your stay (see us for possible tours).

We will rent you a high-class studio, in a magnificent quiet residence, ideally located accross from the new Gay district of Pattaya (Jomtien Complex), and 200 metres from the renowned Gay beach (Dong Tan beach).

Above the superb swimming pools, you will find on the main floor of your building numerous boutiques, restaurants (with room service), Laundromats, hairdresser, etc. Security guard service is on duty 24 hours a day.

All our apartments boast the best, most quiet location. The furnishing is particularly thorough, for example: a fully equipped kitchen, a 150 cm bed, bathroom, TV with French Channels, high-fidelity sound and video system, "total privacy" curtains, a sofa, ample storing space, balcony, and much, much more...

The decoration has been meticulously done, and the Thai style of the furniture will give you a sensation of well being in a warm atmosphere that everyone will appreciate.

Rent a bike in Pattaya Motorbike Station, motorbike rental : From one week rental, we will deliver the bike for free to your place of residence and of course get it back from there!

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340/7 Moo 12 Nongprue Banglamung Thappraya RD 20150 Pattaya city

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