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Jomtien - Pattaya

Castro – Boyztown

Great show bar with a dynamic show. Drinks are a good price and the staff is friendly and helpful. They have a lady boy fun show every night and dancers will put the heart. This becomes the place to visit in itself, so do not miss it.

New Café Royal Bar – Boyztown

New Royal Coffee Bar is the center of entertainment on the ground floor of the Café Royal Hotel (different owner). They have every night 10:30 to cabaret shows. Recently renovated, it is fresh and bright. Drinks are reasonably priced and the terrace is a great place to relax and watch people stroll through Boyztown.

Panorama Pub – Boyztown

The oldest and popular gay Pub Pattaya is at the beginning of Boyz Town with breathtaking views of the whole street. It offers a wide selection of beers at reasonable prices including spirits, wines, cocktails. With comfortable seating at the bar and air conditioning inside, with a large terrace, the friendly staff is happy to receive you. Snooker and darts are offered every Saturday and two Lucky Draws are held at 22:30 and midnight with 15 awards. Happy hours from 18 hours to 20 hours. You can buy a lifetime membership card Panorama, which offers 10% discount on beverages in Panorama, and a number of other places in Pattaya and Bangkok.

Bar Panorama

Oscar’s Bar – Boyztown

Oscars is intimate yet fun. Relaxing yet exciting. In fact what you want from a bar, you can find it here. They have a nice selection of drinks and a good selection of boys to serve them. Interesting things happen in the two upper floors, be sure to check them out.

B.C. Bar – Jomtien Complex

Good bar with lots of boys. Many of them are from Cambodia, people are wondering if the "BC" stands Boy Cambodia, but this is not the case. The staff is very friendly and the drinks are a good price, but the decor is a bit bland. But who cares walls when chatting with a boy?

Man Bar – Jomtien Complex

Man Bar is located next to Siam House on the premises of Mexican restaurants in the old Sam. He almost completely glazed with just a small terrace at the front that lets you watch the comings and goings in the Self.

Inside you can sit in the comfort of air conditioning in a bar decorated tastefully with nice background music and soft lighting. For some distractions, there is a pool table where you can challenge your friends or staff. Drink prices are reasonable, similar to other bars in the complex.

Question Mark Bar and Q.M. – Jomtien Complex

Always a favorite. They bought the unit side (Party Times) and have now doubled the space. The new extension is called "Q.M". There are bedrooms upstairs for the massage, which is offered with a smile. The drinks are cheap in an interesting and enjoyable place.

Possibility of snacks at Q.M. Bar. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday 9:30 to 10:30 p.m.. Breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, etc ...

All of Me – Sunee Plaza

A good bar at the beginning of the wide part of Sunee Plaza. Perhaps the best place in the room to sit and watch the world go over before you. pleasant and interesting server, the Manager will ensure that you are well received.

Diamond Bar – Sunee Plaza

Great little bar in Sunee Plaza. Staff members have exactly the right attitude and are there to please. The bar was originally designed in two halves - one side for farangs with comfortable chairs and tables. The other side with tables and wooden benches. Both sides are comfortable.

€uroboy$ – Sunee Plaza

Former entertainment bar was converted into an open beer bar. Prices are correct, and the boys are quite nice. Those who recall the memory of the soil and the lighting system of the old days of entertainment bar, but the scene was removed and replaced with tables and chairs.

Sunee Plaza Bar – Sunee Plaza

This bar is known and one of the oldest. It is not expensive and it's a good spot to watch the world. Attended by a number of young Thais, this is an interesting bar. A good marker of health Sunee Plaza, if the bar is busy is good for all. If it's quiet, everyone is in trouble!

It really is remarkable because it was the third bar to open Sunee and is still run by the original owner. No other bar can not say that, after more than 15 years. A good bar, often undervalued.