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Jomtien - Pattaya

Pakboong Loy Fa – 2nd Road

This is a good place to eat. Thai cuisine with emphasis on fish. They cook well. It is a bit touristy and prices reflect it, but the food is good and the staff is nice. For me, I prefer to eat in Pattaya Tai, but if you are in the region Boyztown.

L’Olivier Restaurant – Jomtien Complex

The restaurant was recently taken over, it returns to its original concept that made its success. L'Olivier is primarily a French gourmet restaurant with French Provencal cuisine. They also cook Thai dishes tasty and served in a rare Vietnamese "French" atmosphere.

This is a popular restaurant with a good selection of Thai and European dishes (French) and it is comfortable. It is open for dinner only. It is not the cheapest but not the most expensive either!

Restaurant Olivier

Pizzeria Italia – Jomtien Complex

This is a wonderful Italian restaurant, on the junction of Thappraya Road and Jomtien Complex. The food is really delicious!

They make a very tasty minestrone soup, and of course pizza. Their grilled salmon is excellent and we really like their pasta with 4 cheese sauce. Bearing in mind the cost of cheese in Pattaya, since the price (240B for a real full plate) is a bargain.

Anyway, if you want to eat Italian, test!

Yupin’s Restaurant – Jomtien Complex

Jomtien Complex has a wonderful restaurant called Thai and European Yupin's.

The interior and exterior are of modern design, comfortable and welcoming.

With a choice of set menu or à la carte menu, the restaurant offers a wide range of Western and Thai dishes.

We ate there several times and always leave full and satisfied.

Sanong – Soi Yensabai – Sunee Plaza

Belgian restaurant itself Yensabai. Open from breakfast to late evening, there is a good selection of food. The menu is particularly advantageous. You get 5 courses for 279B.

Thai Food – Sunee Plaza

A small restaurant nestled in self Krazy dragon. Exterior not very outgoing, but the food is perhaps the best, most authentic and least expensive. Their spicy chicken (30B Rice, 35B with a fried egg) is excellent, and Panang Curry (80B) a favorite. you can always fall back on fried rice (25B, extra again with egg). There is a menu written by hand on the wall, Thai and broken English, but it gives you an idea of what it offers. TRY IT!

Volterra Restaurant - Soi Yensabai - Sunee Plaza

Very good Italian restaurant in the self that connects itself to VC condo Yensabai. There is a wide variety of pasta dishes and pizzas. The prices are a little high, but not bad considering the quality of food served. One of my favorites!

Bordeaux Restaurant – Soi Day/Night

Very good French restaurant in the heart of Day / Night complex. It has a good reputation and it is well deserved. The meals are very well prepared, the menu is imaginative and the end result is extremely tasty. It is not the cheapest, but it is far from being the most expensive. All French restaurants in the area of Day / Night (and there are now many) this is by far the best in my opinion.

La Cuisine Au Beurre – Soi Day/Night

Good French and Thai cuisine at a reasonable price. A full menu and dishes of the budget price update. Some people I know love. Breakfast is one of the best and cheapest in the region.

Osaka Japanese Restaurant – Soi Day Night

Newly discovered Osaka gay owner. The Japanese restaurant Osaka is a wonderful selection of sushi, sashimi, tempura and other Japanese specialties. The tempura is especially nice, be crisp and light. Prices are not cheap, but just for this food. If you like authentic Japanese food try here

La Petite Planète – Soi Day/Night

French restaurant with some great daily specials from around 300 Baht. The menu is about 300B for three courses. They have a special weekend for a little more expensive (about 350B for a course), but it is worth it. Royal Couscous and rabbit stew, both are fantastic.