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Boyztown is located between Second Road and Beach Road, near the pedestrian street. The name applies to Boyztown Pattayaland Soi 3 only. However, Pattayaland Soi 1, 2 and 3 are frequently called Boyztown.

Boyztown has long been the more cabaret than elsewhere in Pattaya (or anywhere in the world as far as I know).

It is the most established and the "high end" side of Pattaya. It is certainly the oldest gay district in Pattaya, which shows the maturity and nature of Boyztown established itself.

The pride of this group is raising funds and to date they have raised more than 31 million baht for charity, assistance to AIDS patients in particular. They organize various events during the year and culminating point is a street party in early December.

Bar Castro

Jomtien Complex

Jomtien complex is located near Jomtien Beach, just over the hill from Pattaya. Buses run regularly baht Pattaya to Jomtien by Thappraya Rd. The only downside of the trip is the traffic that can be loaded especially especially in the late afternoon with the return of beaches.

The area of Jomtien has perhaps the best show of Pattaya bar and a number of fantastic bars to beer and massage rooms at reasonable prices.

The place has cabaret shows and a luxury spa. The complex can be more quiet compared to other areas which adds to its charm. If you are looking for a lively, go to Boyztown or Sunee. If you are looking for fun in a slightly quieter Jomtien complex way is for you.

The complex is just off Dongtan Beach Gay Pattaya.

This is a great place to spend the afternoon. Street vendors or franchise owners offer you everything you might want: food, such as ice cream, donuts, fresh fruit and fried fish, drinks, and you can even order a menu of T- shirts, even carved elephants. You can also get services such as massages or pedicures. In short, you do not need to leave the beach, it's a paradise.

And near Jomtien Complex, there are bars, shops where you can find everything from groceries to pharmacies and all the rest. In short, Jomtien is an autonomous region, with everything you could wish for a dream vacation.

Sunee Plaza

During the day, Sunee Plaza is a quiet area. The bars and restaurants are mostly closed and people live their normal lives.

If you go to Pattaya Tai, you can find on the market street shopping and buy some really extraordinary things! There is a market of Wat Chai, impressive and also Tukcom the largest electronics market and telephones, originals or copies cheap.It is the heart of the life of Pattaya.
Sunee Plaza starting to wake up to 18 hours, bars and restaurants start to open. There are many kinds of restaurants here.Very good Thai market places (and do not forget the street stalls), places a little more lavish with good European food and a la carte menus. The bars stay open until 2 am or even later. And do not forget a small personal tip if the boys spend time with you. If you are worried about the age of a boy in an entertainment bar, ask to see his ID. They should all have more than 18 years, but some of the boys do not have. I know you all have different tastes, but here there to satisfy all tastes.Enjoy Sunee Plaza.

Day Night

Nestled at Tukcom, just off Pattaya Tai Road (South Pattaya), Soi Day / Night is a set of three parallel roads. They are centered around the New Day Night Hotel.

Tukcom is an amazing shop. 6 floors of computer stores and electronics together in one building. But walk out the back door and you are in another world.

Soi Day Night has seen better days. Now, it is mainly an area for restaurants run by some gay and gay massage shops. this is a fairly cosmopolitan area. It serves as a satellite to Sunee Plaza, many customers take the evening meal in this area before leaving for the entertainment of the evening elsewhere. If you like French food is probably the area of Pattaya to discover.