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Jomtien - Pattaya

Boyz Sauna and Gym – Boyztown

A fully equipped gym also offers massages. The boys sat outside invite you to use the gym. The massage is done professionally and gives a great feeling of well being. Prices are OK.

Narcissus Massage – Pattayaland Soi 1

The living room is clean, pleasant and welcoming. The boys are eager to get a good result. As always the quality of the massage depends on the masseur you. I had a good massage and came out happy.

Copa Body Club – Boyztown

Would you like a massage? Then look no further than the Copa Massage with professional masseurs you can enjoy your massage in the comfort of their customized design massage rooms (each with their own shower), or you can use your own bed 'hotel.

Massage Copa

Thai Blind Massage institute – Jomtien Complex

The Thai Blind Massage Institute is a strange place. It's straight, but you can ask a man masseur. There is a picture on the wall and you can choose the one you want.

The massage itself is very professional. The massages are all very well trained and provide excellent service. The price is right.

My masseur was wearing sunglasses (no surprise) and it was obvious from the way he did the massage, he could not see. Yet when I returned it covered me with a towel! This amused me!

As with many places I think everything depends on the masseuse or masseur. The oil massages are in a private room, Thai massage in a common room.

Blue House Massage – Soi Day/Night

Blue House Massage moved to another room cleaner, it has lost much of the magic he had before. However, I am pleased to announce they always do their foam massage. It's a nice place.